The attention of the enterprises to environmental themes and the increasing pressure from specific regulations in force require an established professionality and experience in order to respond at best to the exigencies of the enterprise; in such context Karalis Consulting places itself as a reference for entrepreneurial fabric thanks to the following vast range of services offered:

  • Environmental assessment: is a preliminary environmental evaluation directed at analyzing the divergence between the present situation of an organization and that foreseen by the regulations in force. The results of such an evaluation are presented in a specific report that evidences in a systematic and complete manner the data and information on the level of conformity of the organization to the legislation in force, as well as an indication of the interventions necessary and of the relative commitment requested in terms of time and financial and human resources.
  • Legal compliance audits: verifications that permit ascertaining whether an organization respects all of the environmental regulations applicable to its reality.
  • Assistance on the release of authorization documents on the part of Entities: technical-administrative support in the legislative procedure for the release to the enterprise of the authorizing documents by the relative Entities relative to:
    • emissions in the atmosphere
    • hydraulic wastes
    • water supplies
    • wastes treatments
    • land and rock excavations.
  • Supplying of training: identification of teaching and training needs and consequent projection and furnishing of specific courses to personnel, including verification of the learning obtained.
  • Campaigns for monitoring of chemical and physical agents: instrumental sampling and relative elaborations (including laboratory tests, where applicable) and consequent preparation of specific reports, in conformity with the technical relations in force, at the work places in relation to the productive/service cycle performed:
    • chemical agents
    • noises
    • electromagnetic fields
    • wastes
    • land and rock excavations
    • emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Preparation of operating and management procedures suitable for establishing internal protective systems: elaboration and preparation of personalized operating/technical procedures directed towards the reality of the enterprise for purposes of establishing adequate internal protective systems, also for the purpose of fulfilling the legal responsibilities of the company.
  • Assumption of company functions: availability to perform “key” functions and/or to support enterprises on matters of environmental management through the formalization of specific attributes.
  • Due diligence: verification activity on the level of conformity with regulations in force on matters of environment, subsequent identification of eventual liabilities and estimate or the financial amount of the same.