International Standard

Business exigencies increasingly require companies to be competitive and to be able to demonstrate to work in an organized and efficient manner and be respectful of the regulations. Obtaining certifications of conformity to international work standards on environmental management and security in the work place permit enterprises to have greater visibility in the market, better management of risks and reductions of costs related to accidents and environmental pollution.

In such context Karalis Consulting proposes to its clients a package of services for qualified assistance subdivided by thematic areas. Obtaining attestations of conformity to the requisites foreseen by the international standards of reference takes place thanks to the implementation of specific systems of management that require activating specific dedicated interventions that are a part of the range of services offered as indicated below.

Karalis Consulting also offers services to enterprises that already possess a certification, in course of validation, of conformity with the International standards for the maintenance and improvement of their actual management.